What does "skookum" mean?
While working for over a decade in the electronic thermal management
industry, Nathan Muoio has gained considerable experience in the design and
analysis of unique and complex products.  In addition to maintaining critical
thermal conditions, these products had to pass stringent military standards,
and survive in harsh environments.  

Prior work includes graduate research into atomized sprays and into rapid
solidification processes. With a broad background that includes structural
vibration, multiphase and particulate fluid flow, and convective and
evaporative heat transfer applications, we have the technical capabilities to
help you solve problems.
About Us
Skookum (skoo-kuh m) is a Chinook Jargon word that literally means big,
powerful, impressive, or excellent and first-rate.  It is used to describe
something that is of high quality or well built.  It can also be used to
describe some one who is genuine, honest, and reliable.  At Skookum
Consulting, we are striving to be a skookum company that provides skookum
Nathan Muoio, PE
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