Engineering Analysis Services
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Engineering Specialties
“To be a respected source for engineering analysis, by providing accurate
results in a timely and cost effective manner.”
Skookum Consulting is a provider of engineering analysis consulting and
freelance engineering.  Much of our services revolves around Finite Element
Analysis (FEA), and includes structural static and dynamic analyses.  We also
provide services for complex and specialized engineering topics, such as
vibration and damping, as well as thermal-fluids and heat transfer.  We can
create component and system level thermal models, including those for heat
exchangers and condensers, as well as custom models to fit your specific
  • Structural Dynamics (vibration)
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Static Analysis, linear and nonlinear
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Heat Exchanger and Condenser modeling
  • Custom numerical modeling
Problem Solving through Engineering and Analysis
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